The Lucky Loser


So why do I call myself The Lucky Loser?

In the end we’re all losers.

If you’re lucky you don’t have allot of stuff
to fret over, because when we die, none of it is going to really matter anyway.

If you have any kind of Christian background you’ve heard of The Beatitudes.
This is where The Teacher espouses all these virtues that are contrary to
what the world believes. Things like being in a state of mourning or
knowing that you’re really broke. (As opposed to always striving to be
rich with all your desires fulfilled.)

To that end I’d like to add

“Blessed are the losers for in the end
they’ll meet the one who’s already won.”

God doesn’t like poor people any more than rich people.  It’s just that
poor people tend to give Him more cooperation.

In the same way, it’s never good when tragedy strikes. But it’s
in those times we see how fragile life is as we gather around and
get closer to God and to our loved ones.

And God doesn’t want us to fail all the time. Yet when we do fail
that’s when we can really learn what to do next.

“Blessed are the losers for in the end
they’ll meet the one who’s already won.”

Meanwhile recently our pastor at Grace Fellowship reminded us that
God didn’t call us to be His Lawyer. He called us to be witnesses.
Too many people try to argue everyone into The Kingdom usually
with bad results.

Of course some are really good at being God’s lawyer. In fact they’ve built
an entire ministry around that idea. But even those people admit every one’s
not the same as they are so they’re going to be used by God in another way.

So I guess the bottom line is, be a witness. No one has to argue about that.
It’s like this.

“Hey! I know God is the real deal. This is what The Lord did for me.”

People can argue all they want. But they can’t deny your story. You know it’s true. And deep down no matter what they say they know, YOU know your story is true.

So what’s my story?

God is not only the God of the second chance. He’s the God of the third, forth and Nth chance. I know it’s true. I’m a witness.

My life was a box full of broken pieces. It was a series of false starts and missed opportunities. Some things looked like I got them right and then I’d blow it again. To try and put it all together again right seemed impossible. And it was. For me that is, but not for God.

It was a little over a year ago I decided that I was going to commit to going to a local church. I was really going for it this time, broken pieces, issues, hang ups and all. If something came up, or if I messed up I was going to keep going forward. If people think I’ve got “freak” issues, so be it.

Besides it wasn’t about me. There was my family to consider. And of course there’s the fact that no one’s getting any younger and what time is left over seems to be accelerating to warp speed!

Thankfully there were no freak issues. (Not yet anyway) And the family is coming along and becoming a part as well.

The tipping point for me was easy to mark. It was when I knew this really wasn’t yet another false start. That was the day Grace Fellowship announced the launch date of their satellite church.

We were equal distance from both so for us it was a toss up. But as many of you already know when The Holy Spirit decides something for you, YOU KNOW IT!

All the broken pieces slowly started coming together in a way I couldn’t have dreamed. It’s not that I’ve arrived. (NO WAY)

This is the starting line.

Grace North
Halfmoon NY


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