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November 14, 2009

My Theme Song

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Every blog should have a theme song,

so here’s mine

It’s Rez and

“Love Comes Down”

Because when you lose you win!


November 9, 2009

What I Am and What I Do

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For the past 25 years or so I’ve worked in either a warehouse or in building services.  Not exactly what you’d call a professional.

But hey!  It pays the bills and between my wife and I we’ve done OK for us an’ the two kids.

But it’s all good.  For many of us if not most us who we really are is not defined by what we do for a living.

My job is in a warehouse but it’s not who I am or what I “Do.”

I’m a husband to my wife and a dad to my two kids.  What I really do is my ministry at my church.

I help teach kids about the love of Jesus and the truth of God in His Word The Holy Bible.  That’s what I “do.”

Nuff said.


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November 8, 2009

Hello world!/Moving Day!

Today is moving day!   Like any move there are boxes stacked up everywhere in the form of redundant posts and what not.

It’s a work in progress and a blog that was already up and running on Brand X.

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This is going to be my Christian Witness and Spiritual Issues blog.  These are things that don’t really fit on Soapbox or are a part of My KC Adventure.

So excuse the dust it’s moving Day!

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