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September 5, 2010

Wrong Expectations

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God is Great but The Church is awful Part 4

Wrong unfulfilled expectations can be dangerous. If someone thinks God is going to do something for them and it never happens there are are two possibilities. Either you’re wrong or God is wrong. What do you think I chose?

When things in my life didn’t line up a certain way I blamed God. Since He didn’t fulfill His side of the bargain (Or so I thought) I have the right to stop believing in The God of The Holy Bible.

During this time of my life I explored The New Age Movement with allot of various off shoots. The interesting thing is the way so many people twist The bible to their way of thinking.

While it had an appeal for a while, I couldn’t fully embrace it, I knew better.

Meanwhile I met the woman who I was going to marry.  Since I saw right through The New Age Movement but wasn’t ready to rejoin the Charismatic/Evangelical crowd I thought there was no harm in giving her denominational church a try.

Because of this I met allot of nice sincere people in this denomination.  Every local group is a bit different like with any nationwide/worldwide organization.  There’s the way they are at HQ versus the way they are at the local group.

It’s possible to serve The Lord through a major denomination.  However allot of times it’s like trying to drive a car without turning on the engine!  There’s too much unnecessary labor!

Eventually,I returned to my charismatic roots.  It all came down to what kind of example was a setting for our kids.

No matter how hard it may be to find a place to fit in I believe God has a place for everyone.  There’s no such thing as THE PERFECT CHURCH that meets all your needs.  But I do believe there’s a place you can find where you can fully give of yourself back to others and back to God.

It’s not about what you can GET from going to church it’s about how much you can give of yourself.  “Give and it shall be given to you.”

The Lord wasn’t just talking about money here.  And thats what made all the difference for me, and how I was able to really feel like I belonged.

God is Great, and there are still “awful” days.  But it’s all good.  We all just need to work at growing past them and learning from our failures.  Because God is working it for our good as promised in Rom 8:28!


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